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Dax Dually


Keep it steady.

Introducing the Dax Dually for the 2024 summer season, complete with the most incredible glide, stability, and tracking.

The Dually bears weight up to 400 lbs, making this the go-to option for all sizes and shapes, or for those simply seeking a steadier ride.

Bring the dogs aboard or take it out for a date day. With multiple threaded inserts for accessories like fishing rod holders, a river cruise is a fine choice of location for the Dually.

Included: Pump, 4-Piece Carbon Fiber Paddle, Kayak Backrest, Roller Bag

11' x 34" x 8"

Kit includes

Dual hull inflatable board

4 piece convertible paddle

Dual action pump

Roller bag

Your inflatable board is made from durable military-grade PVC, designed to endure substantial wear and tear. Nonetheless, sharp objects like rocks or glass can puncture the outer skin, necessitating professional repair from a boating facility. Avoid inflating your board to full pressure in the shade and then exposing it to direct sunlight, as the heat can cause the air inside to expand, risking rupture.