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We’re big believers in the power of the wilderness to provide restorative energy when we adventure carefully and consciously.



You don’t have to be a pro to shop with Dax — specializing exclusively in paddle boards, we leverage our expertise to enhance your experience — whether you're seeking a peaceful yoga paddle, an invigorating workout, or a moment to connect with friends.

Preserving our Planet

Guided by our passion for nature and adventure, we strive to create paddle boards that not only deliver unparalleled performance, but also embody the highest standards of environmental responsibility — and for every paddle board bought, we proudly plant 10 trees, enriching our environment and ensuring a greener future.

Confidence in Quality

We spent 12 years testing every board on the market before starting Dax. With everything we learned we created boards that are not only high performance, but look beautiful on the water, and come with a comprehensive 2-year warranty so you can have peace of mind investing in quality gear.