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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The ultimate debate for every SUP enthusiast! This can only be answered by you and what best serves your lifestyle.

  • A rigid board may surpass the experience of an inflatable when it comes to on-water adventures, but the inflatable comes with perks such as providing a more compact product that will allow you to cover distances or get to more interesting locations that you wouldn’t be able to hike to with a rigid board. They also come with the advantage of packing up neatly into your vehicle and not needing to be loaded onto a rack.

  • Inflatables are lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable, whereas rigid boards come with more glide, better overall stability, and a little less flex.

Please see our shipping and deliveries page for more information about shipping.

  • Our Inflatable boards ship with paddles included.

  • Our Rigid boards do not include paddles but can easily be added on to any order.
  • We have been in the business of paddleboard rentals and retail since opening our flagship store in 2012, SUP Tahoe, in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

  • We launched Dax Board Co in 2020 - you can read more of our story here.

We do! If visiting Tahoe, or local to the region, you can stop by our flagship store, Sup Tahoe, and demo any board you like.

We do! You can find out more info here — please submit and complete the form. We read every inquiry!

Yes, if the board is being shipped within California.

Yes! Stop by our store, Sup Tahoe, anytime between April and October - or give us a call and we can arrange an easy pick-up for you.