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Dax Scout Pro Crimson Cloud (11'6", 12'6")

Crimson Cloud

We out here.

The Dax Scout model is built for glide without sacrificing stability like some performance boards.

It's perfect for long-distance paddling, tracking straighter than other boards and cutting through the water effortlessly with its displacement bow. It has enough volume to carry your adventure gear making it perfect for overnight camping or full-day trips.

The Scout Pro brings an extra dose of performance for the competition seekers among us.

2’6 x 30” x 6.7” 251 Liters 27 lbs

14’ x 31.5” x 7” 308 Liters 30 lbs

Genuine paulownia wood veneer for an amazingly light weight, easy to carry board.

4 Point front bungee cargo to carry your life jacket and other gear.

Ergonomic ledge handle making easy to carry with out hand fatigue.

High quality, soft EVA traction pad

Extended exposure to elements like saltwater and sunlight can take a toll over time. While your boards are meant for outdoor fun, proper storage is key when not in use. Your epoxy board, made of a beaded foam core and epoxy fiberglass skin, can suffer from delamination if left in direct sunlight for too long. This occurs when the foam core heats up, causing gas and air inside to expand, putting pressure on the fiberglass skin. To avoid damage, store your board away from prolonged sunlight exposure.

Our boards feature a foam core protected by a fiberglass epoxy shell. Excessive force can cause pressure dents, cracks, and dings. While pressure dents are minor, cracks and dings expose the core, leading to water damage and potential discoloration. Prompt repairs are vital to maintain structural integrity. Professional assistance is recommended, but if you choose to repair it yourself, use a Fiberglass-Epoxy Ding Repair Kit for best results.


1. Remember, board bags are not suitable for long-term storage or transport in direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged exposure in board bags for this purpose.

2. Always store your board in a shaded area when not in use.

3. Keep your deck pad shielded from the sun when not in use.

4. Avoid using the bubble wrap included with your shipment for outdoor transport or storage—it can overheat your board.

5. Never leave your board exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods when not in use.

6. If your board needs to be in direct sunlight temporarily, use a UV cover.